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Charles M. Rush, Esq.



Lafayette Attorney for Real Estate, Business and Estate Matters

From business formation to dissolution, Charles M. Rush, Esq. provides trusted legal advice based on more than 30 years of commercial law experience. A good attorney understands that prolonged legal issues can be costly and detrimental to businesses, individuals and families. This is why Charles M. Rush focuses on finding timely, cost-effective resolutions to complex matters such as:

  • Corporate transactions: Including business formation and dissolution, and the negotiation and drafting of buy and sell agreements, shareholders/members purchase/buyout agreements negotiations and drafting of leases, employment contracts, noncompete agreements, acquisitions, and mergers and sales, operating agreements, by-laws and shareholder agreements
  • Business startups/Reorganization: Mr. Rush advises and prepares documents for corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, joint ventures, strategic alliances and other business startups.
  • Business litigation: Including contract disputes over goods and services, insurance matters, unfair and deceptive trade practices, real estate disputes, construction defect litigation and shareholder disputes
  • Shareholder disputes: Mr. Rush is experienced in protecting his clients’ rights and interests during shareholder/member disputes, disputes arising from breach of fiduciary duty and other shareholder/member matters.
  • Real estate law: Including the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases, real estate contract disputes, property disputes, including eminent domain and condemnation, real estate buy and sell agreements, construction defect cases, commercial real estate litigation and real estate broker litigation
  • Wills and succession: Mr. Rush can represent a client on any side of a succession dispute, including disputes over lack of capacity, undue influence, fraud and disputes among beneficiaries. He also prepares wills.

Louisiana Lawyer Handling Real Estate Transactions, Business Litigation, Estate and Probate

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