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Business Litigation

Charles M. Rush, Business Litigation Attorney

Serving Lafayette and the State of Louisiana

Business owners understand better than anyone how unnecessary litigation can slow business and devour profits. They also know that sometimes lawsuits are necessary to enforce contracts and other agreements. They understand that litigation is a legal tool that must sometimes be used to force individuals and companies to honor their word. In those circumstances, they want the services of an experienced business litigation lawyer focused on obtaining favorable, prompt results whether in negotiations or in a courtroom.

If you and your business face a situation in which litigation is inevitable, the sooner you contact an experienced business litigation attorney, the better your chances are of attaining a favorable result. Call Charles M. Rush and Associates at 337-235-2425 to schedule a complimentary consultation. You can also contact them by e-mail.

Charles M. Rush and Associates represents clients in Lafayette and across Louisiana in a wide variety of business-related litigation, including the following:

  • Contract disputes over services and goods
  • Insurance matters (determinations of coverage and exemptions to coverage)
  • Unfair or deceptive trade practices
  • Partnership disputes
  • Real estate matters
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Disputes over brokerage fees involving real estate agents
  • Boundary disputes
  • Stock broker litigation
  • Failure to pay promissory note

As a business owner and attorney with over 30 years experience, Charles M. Rush understands that his clients depend on rapid responses to legal problems arising in business. His client-focused approach is designed to deliver cost-effective, favorable results.

The firm represents companies in Lafayette and across Louisiana, including oil service companies, construction firms, banks, real estate companies, real estate developers, gaming companies, contractors, nightclubs and others.

To find out how Charles M. Rush and Associates can help you and your business, contact them at 337-235-2425 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evening and weekend hours are available by appointment.