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Charles M. Rush, Esq.



Lafayette Real Estate Law Attorney

Real estate transactions and disputes are complex legal matters that require the assistance of an experienced attorney. Charles M. Rush, Esq. is dedicated to protecting his clients’ interests, achieving their goals and preparing them for future success. Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, Mr. Rush brings more than 30 years of experience to his real estate work. He regularly handles challenging disputes over property sales and purchases, leases, contracts and many other matters. To discuss your real estate needs with Charles M. Rush during a free consultation, call 337-235-2425 or contact the firm online.

Louisiana Lawyer Handling Eminent Domain Issues, Real Estate Purchases and Sales, Litigation and More

If you have decided to buy or sell a piece of real estate, Charles M. Rush will manage all aspects of the transaction, including preparing the buy-sell agreement, negotiating on your behalf, conducting due diligence for commercial properties and any other legal matters as required by your unique situation.

Many unforeseen events can arise during a real estate transaction. When disputes arise, Mr. Rush has the experience and knowledge needed to aggressively protect your rights and interests.

Contact Charles M. Rush for assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Residential and commercial real estate purchases and sales
  • Real estate litigation
  • Expropriation of property by government agencies
  • Negotiation and drafting of commercial leases
  • All real estate contract disputes
  • Construction defect cases
  • Real estate broker litigation
  • Construction contracts

Call the law firm of Charles M. Rush, Esq. today at 337-235-2425 or contact the firm online to schedule a free initial consultation with an established Lafayette real estate lawyer.