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Conflicts Among Partners Or Shareholders Are Common

Conflicts among partners are a common occurrence in the business world. Often, two people start a company with the agreement that each has 50 percent control. However, tensions can arise lending to the company’s inability to function at its true potential.

When a business relationship is in turmoil, it is important to hire an attorney who knows how to protect your rights and interests. Sometimes, the relationship can be salvaged through negotiation and settlement. Other times, steps must be taken to protect the interest of the shareholders/members and company. Whatever the case, Charles M. Rush, Esq., can assist you.

With significant experience representing business partners involved in situations just like yours, attorney Rush understands the multitude of details and legal issues that can arise during shareholder and member disputes.

Distinguished Legal Advocacy For Shareholder Disputes

Mr. Rush is highly skilled in handling shareholder disputes. From his law office in Lafayette, Louisiana, he represents clients at any stage of a shareholder or partnership dispute – whether during mediation, arbitration or litigation. Often disputes arise over the following common scenarios:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Purchase/Sale of interest
  • Appointment of receivers/dissolution
  • Minority member or shareholder dispute

When the future of your business and personal livelihood could be on the line, consult a lawyer with experience in handling shareholder and business partnership disputes.

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