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Lafayette Wills and Succession Attorney

When a person dies with or without a will in Louisiana, the estate must be administered through the succession process to determine what happens to the deceased person’s property and assets.

Charles M. Rush, Esq. has in-depth familiarity with the succession process and has represented family members and other successors, also called beneficiaries, involved in the settlement of estates for more than 30 years.

For assistance and representation during the succession and estate administration process, contact attorney Charles M. Rush online or call 337-235-2425. Mr. Rush offers free initial consultations. If you are in the estate planning phase, Mr. Rush can also help you draft a will.

Louisiana Succession Dispute Lawyer

The succession of an estate determines how the deceased person’s property and assets will be transferred to the successors. If the deceased left a valid will, the succession is considered testate and the estate will be distributed according to the will. If there was no will present, the succession is intestate and the laws of the state of Louisiana will determine where the property should go, according to a legally established hierarchy.

Disputes commonly arise during both testate and intestate successions. Contact Charles M. Rush for representation if you are involved in a succession dispute involving any matter, including the following:

  • Disputes among successors and beneficiaries/will disputes
  • Accusation of undue influence
  • Competency and lack of capacity issues
  • Questionable changes to a will
  • Handwritten will or multiple wills

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